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Touch Buddhist way of living

Buddhist way of living

Silver Temple Foundation (S.T.F) invites you to touch the Thai Buddhist way of living under the concept of “Good Nature,Good Air, Good Water, Good Food and Good Mind” with the following activities.

1. Two days One night Meditation Retreat.
Sale Price 3,500 Baht Today promotion 2,900 Baht
      Learn and practice Vipassana, the minifulness meditation, understand yourself, understand nature, be harmony in any situation.
2. Thai Buddhist spa
2.1 Thai Massage & Herbal Compression 90 Minutes
Sale price 1,500 baht promotion 750 Baht
2.2 Thai Buddhist Spa Class 3 hours
Sale Price 2,000 baht Promotion 1,900 Baht
3. Organic Cooking Class 3 menus/3 hours
Sale price 2,000 Baht promotion 1,900 baht
4. Buddhist Home stay : Good nature, good Air, Good water, Good Food and Good Mind
Sale Price 15,000 Baht/night Promotion 790 baht/night

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