the temple with silver ordination hall

Ubosot ngern Wat Srisuphan
Silver Ordination Hall at Srisuphan Temple ,Chiang Mai

The first silver ordination hall in the world. the Center of Joining mind of Waulai Community People, the community of silver smith
The world’s first temple Community efforts continue silverware cow pattern.

Chiang Mai Tourist Place : Silver Ordination Hall (Silver shrine, silver temple) at Wat Srisuphan

Attractions in Chiang Mai: Wat Sri Suphan temple funds.

Wat Sri Suphan temple is located south of the Old City. Wua Lai area, which is a community made famous silver handicrafts of the province. Originally, the measure Suphan temple is history coming from the past 500 years than during the build. God granddaughter royal flag pin Or the Muang Kaew King Mang dynasty The Chedi temple arch and the temple. Lord Buddha is enshrined seven overused or miracles. the principal

The temple is located in the community Suphan craft caster. Crafts silver ware Wualai of the measure is to preserve the legacy of local art sustainable future by gathering wisdom to form a group, Lanna craftsmanship Suphan temple is the center of Thailand ancient art. Ten Salah Lanna temple in Suphan temple in the year 2547 with the idea to build the temple Wat Suphan money back into the world’s first major Buddhist architecture. An ornate Buddhist art that appeals to both Buddhists and tourists lining both in Thailand and abroad to visit the beauty of this temple every day.

Suphan Wat Mai temple funds

general information

English name : Wat Si Supan
Time for shooting:

Mid-year is the most suitable for the light on the front of the chapel.

note : Women are not allowed into the temple.
district: City (Muang Chiang Mai).
province : Chiang Mai (Chiang Mai)
Map : coordinates 18.778754,98.983167

Suphan Wat temple funds

Behind the temple is the reconstitution of the new temple and the temple consecrated precinct of the old dilapidated down. The creators of the local community Wualai. Indeed, this is not a temple made of silver back. The use of materials from aluminum. (Material, monetary) amount and mix of pure silver lining engraved, embossed decorations on the roof. The exterior walls, including the The shrine of Lord Buddha The locals called God seven Metallica Buddha is a width of 3 feet 4 feet high bronze Buddha meat. Surrounding the temple in the Exhibition represents a sacrosanct Wats. The exterior is a fine symbol of religion and monarchy.

Suphan Wat Mai temple funds

Suphan Wat Mai temple funds

Suphan Wat Mai temple funds

Suphan Wat temple

Lanna temple Built in the reign of William Crow Walking around the year 2342 when this house is restored to a mixture of contemporary art. The treatment of existing. Painted murals story Chedi Phra 12 zodiac images. In the past, the city center and the three riddles world and brings wisdom to chase silverware craft. Buddha image Image Ten Incarnations Photo Vessantara allegory Cathedral wall decorations A statue of Buddha is the principal.

Suphan Wat Mai temple funds

Suphan Wat Mai temple funds

Center for the Arts Thailand’s ancient Lanna temple Suphan Ten. And training Arts and Crafts and jewelry.

It is open to those interested in the wisdom of silver. Try to learn the practice of making art craft with silverware hunt specialists.

The travel by private car /.   Suphan temple is located on Wualai. From Chiang Mai Gate This comes as Wualai There will be two right-hand lane and turn left into Soi deduction to be measured against Suphan.

Travelling by public transport / public transport can call (red car) to send the measure Suphan Wualai.


address : Wat Si Suphan District 100 Wualai Haiya Muang, Chiang Mai 50100.
Contact : 053 200332


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