Activities : กิจกรรม



Three days a week: On every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

  1. Register to receive document and clothing for those who are impolite.
  2. Beginning to chat with monk at 5.30 – 7.20 p.m. and start to practice the basically Concentrate Meditation at 7.30 – 9.00 p.m.
  3. Please dressing and speak properly to intend the benefits by making merit depending on good deed.
  4. Please help us to improve by sharing your idea and experience to members of monk chat as well

Special Time : For more 5 persons, Student and travelers on every day.

Meditation Camp 1 night 2 days

The Meditation Retreat Schedule

Day 1 :

01.00 p.m.       Meet at Monk Chat office, Wat Srisuphan (Silver Temple) to register to take a new white clothes.

02.00 p.m.       Introduction to Buddhism

03.00 p.m.       Departure to the Meditation Center

04.00 p.m.       Meditation practice

06.00 p.m.       Dinner

07.00 p.m.       Evening chanting and meditation practive

Day 2 :

05.00 a.m.       Morning gong

05.30 a.m.       Morning chanting and meditation practice

07.00 a.m.       Alms offering and breakfast

08.30 a.m.       Discussion

10.00 a.m.       Break and meditation practice

11.30 a.m.       Lunch

01.30 p.m.       Meditation practice

03.00 p.m.       Group Photo and Return to Wat Srisuphan

        Talking is a powerful way to share experiences, to create intimacy and build a connection between people. Many of us find it difficult to talk about our feelings, often because we feel so much shame about what we’ve been through. We are afraid to tell other people what we feel, or what we struggle with. We expect to be rejected of condemned of humiliated.

Share your story with someone today. It takes courage, but we are all human beings who desire acceptance and understanding. All you have to lose is shame and fear.

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